Why an SSL certificate?

Why an SSL certificate?

19 May 2020

Why would you install an SSL certificate on your website? What are the benefits of this?

That can actually be explained in 3 simple words:

  • Security
    Google rankings


With an SSL certificate you secure the data exchange between your website and the visitors of your website and thus ensure that these (often) important data cannot be intercepted. This ensures visitors’ trust in your website and services. In addition, Google announced in 2014 that they include an HTTPS connection in the ranking of websites in the search results. In December 2015 they took it a step further by announcing that HTTPS (ie SSL-secured websites) really get priority in the search results compared to non-secured website.

Because SSL certificates attach a secure key to the connection of a website, data can be stored in encrypted form, so that it can be entered securely without the intervention of external systems that want to intercept the data.

In this way, login and payment details such as passwords, credit card numbers and personal data can be used safely on websites that are secured with an SSL certificate.

How do I recognize an SSL certificate?

It is of course important that you as a visitor or owner of a website know when an SSL connection is active. Active SSL certificates can be recognized by the lock in the address bar.

Which SSL certificate to choose for a webshop or website depends on the wishes of the owner of the website. Normally a Single domain SSL certificate is sufficient.

Costs SSL certificate

Since an SSL certificate is an automated service that can be implemented as standard for any website, the annual costs are relatively low.

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